Deep dark Secret of the Las Vegas Escort Industry

There is much to Discover
There is so much to discover and know about the entire Las Vegas Escort Industry. The definition of this type of service is simple and clear. The actual “escort” is an individual who is held out to the public. This person is supposed to make themselves available for hiring purposes. Their role includes accompanying their guest to any of the following:
* A social affair
* A place of amusement
* Entertainment affairs
* A private quarter
Las Vegas Escorts have a defined role. The actual Escorts Service does not seem hard to understand. Vegas Escorts will provide a service. The Las Vegas Escorts are regulated. This is a business and regulations must be adhered to like another business in Nevada. This type of business has been called “a call girl company.” Vegas Escorts are part of a business. The Escorts Service must ensure that all of their escorts possess a Sheriff’s Card. This is also called a Work Card. This industry is actually highly regulated and a business license is also required.

The Secrets?
Does sex trafficking of children occur in the escort industry? Some do make claims that sex trafficking of children is one of the deep dark secrets of the Las Vegas Escort Industry. This initial secret was revealed in June, 2010. A mother of an 18-year-old had received a call from authorities. Her daughter had been arrested. She was arrested for soliciting a police officer. The 18 year-old young lady had spent three days in jail for soliciting the officer. The mother was shocked and perplexed over the allegation ant the arrest of her daughter. She never suspected her daughter of this type of conduct.

A Teenager with low Self-Esteem
The story of the 18 year-old young lady actually began in the year 2008. The young lady was 16 years old. An alleged predator had met the family and actually worked his way into the entire family. He gained their trust. He actually ended up stealing the young girl when she was in high school. The alleged predator was given food, a cellphone and even a bus pass. The man seemed to have the ability to help the young girl with her self-esteem issues. The 16 year-old girl seemed to be quite comfortable and even happy since the man had come into her life.

A Life of Prostitution
The mother of the 18-year-old young lady had made an astounding discovery about the man who had been trusted and let into her home. This young man had actually thrust her, then 16-year-old daughter into prostitution. He was her pimp. He got her daughter into a life of prostitution at a young age.

The Unsophisticated Pimp
It had been later discovered that the young man was trying to establish himself. He is considered to be an unsophisticated pimp attempting to get into the underworld of sex trafficking. His prize student may have actually been the 18-year-old girl. She was only a juvenile when they met. The man was an opportunist, according to many. Many pimps will look for opportunities to make money. They will involve juveniles. This is their starting point. This particular 18-year-old had been involved in this trafficking as a child. She was an adult when she was arrested, yet she met her pimp when she was still young and innocent.

A Deep and Dark Secret
The story of a mother and her 18-year-old daughter may have revealed a very deep and very dark secret. This is the kind of secret that many people would rather keep this issue in the closet. Exploitation is indeed happening to juveniles in Las Vegas. Prostitution is not legal. It ought to be noted, the city does have a sex-infused landscape to contend with. There is a perception that anything-goes in Las Vegas. Behind some closed doors, you will discover sexual exploitation occurring to young women.

Money is Driving the sex-Trafficking
Is money the root of evil? In this particular scenario, “yes” is the answer. Money is actually driving the sex-trafficking industry. A criminal is aware that they can make more money selling girls as opposed to selling women. This is occurring more often and it there have even been young females lured to Las Vegas. They are promised modeling gigs. A pimp will then coerce them into the trade. This is the sex trade.

Many people do not have a solid understanding of the manipulation and the recruitment of girls and young women. This is manipulation. A pimp may start a relationship with a prospective prostitute by befriending them and even include romance.

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